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Ty Gretzky founded the Gretzky Hockey School in 2014 along with his dad Wayne, to create a camp that aligned with “the great one” legacy. At the Gretzky Hockey School, we encourage kids and families to join us for a week of skill development, and fun at the greatest hockey school in the world. Come learn from our family and friends in the hockey world, to get the best instruction to take your game to the next level where we emphasize on the same lessons Walter taught Wayne and the kids growing up. Choose from one of our 7 locations today for 2018 and see what is so unique and special about each one!


Boys and girls of all ages and skill levels can pick the location that fits them best.

Each summer we have hockey players from around the world, coming together to learn from some of the best coaches and players in hockey. The Gretzky Hockey School is designed to be a fun and challenging week where players will be compete to the best of their ability. Come and be a part of the greatest hockey school in the world with the best on ice instruction and off-ice instructional tools that will sharpen your game for your future. With 2 hours of On Ice work each day (except final day) the players will be instructed on power skating and skill work. They will be challenged off-ice daily with tools and training to improve their fitness, shooting, and stick handling skills. Final day at GHS is championship game day; each Group will be divided into 2 teams and will play 3/ 15 min periods, with an award ceremony on ice after the game. Following the game we will throw a pizza party for the players and families. The raffle at GHS is a huge part of the week, all campers will have a chance to win some once in a lifetime prizes. Here at GHS we have many influential people from the hockey world around the camper’s daily. Come learn hockey the way Walter Gretzky taught Wayne and the kids growing up. 


- 2 Hours on-ice a day 
- 2 Hours Floorball "Tournament" and Skill development
- 1 Hour of strength and conditioning 
- Competitions throughout the week (prizes rewarded) 
- Final day game day!
- Gift Bag (Jersey, Socks, Biosteel Sports Water Bottle and Towel, and GHS gifts)
- Each player is automatically entered into the raffle to have a chance of  winning one of our great prizes on the Final Day. 


Boys and Girls ages 7-15 years old 

Space is limited for this once in a lifetime experience. Sign ups are a first come, first serve basis!


  • Registration fees are only 75% refundable 2 weeks prior to the selected school.
  • This is NOT an overnight camp. A parent or legal guardian is subject to drop off and pick up their kid daily.
    • Family and friends are welcome to stay and watch throughout the day.
  • Lunch and snacks are provided daily!
  • Bring sneakers, gym shorts, and a t-shirt for off ice training. 
  • Bring sunscreen for outdoor activities.
  • Water bottles will be provided on the bench for on ice and off ice training!
  • Limited edition GHS merchandise will be available at each school.